April 29, 2010

To My Old Friend Sue

My Dearest Susie Boosie-

You've been on my case to update my blog. I have every intention of doing so and I even have a ton of ideas...but I just haven't gotten it done in a timely manner. So here's a post that I've been meaning to put up for awhile. It's specifically written to you.

Scroll down...I know you're dying to see what I have to say.....

That's not quite far enough...........................

I know I'm asking a lot but you do this to us all the time.

So, I've been planning this event for September 4th............

it's kind of a big deal to me......................

and since you were always there when we looked like this

I was wondering if you'd stand beside me when I look like this on September 4th?

So I won't look exactly like that, but I'll be wearing a white dress and veil!

December 9, 2009

Creatures of Habit

It is so true that we are all creatures of habit. But sometimes the habit is actually the absence of doing something....like updating my blog. I've thought of so many things to write about over the last several months but just never set aside the time to actually get it done. So this post is dedicated to the thought of getting back in the habit of updating my blog (and getting Sue off my back about it).

But I must admit it's not just the blog...there's a lot of good things I've gotten "out of" the habit of doing over the past year. And it's not New Years so they aren't resolutions...but I am committing to myself to get back in the habit of a few things.

It doesn't take much reflection to realize why some habits have gone by the wayside even though they were really good habits...like running, exercising, eating right, writing in my journal. For me, they go by the wayside because something that seems more fun and exciting takes up the time. Maybe I should "practice what I preach" and revisit the time management strategies we used to teach FFA officers in their training.

Stephen Covey describes life management by using a rock and jar analogy. On the table is a huge jar, big rocks, small pebbles and sand. It takes strategy to get all the rocks, pebbles and sand to fit in the jar. You see, if you put the big rocks in first, then the small pebbles will fill some empty spaces, then the sand will fill even more empty spaces and it all fits. But it wouldn't work that way if you did it in reverse order. Same is with life. The big rocks are those things that you value most and if you don't carve out time to dedicate to those types of activities that serve that value...they'll but pushed out by the smaller, less important stuff. We only have 24 hours in a day and unless we consciously dedicate some of that time to the things we value most....they easily get pushed out every time.

I know for me, I need to carve out some time for the big rocks of family and fitness/health. It's time they stop getting the leftover time. My calendar gets filled with work, appointments, and meetings...maybe I should start scheduling time for my big rocks so I know that they will happen too. I've been saying I am going to see my great-aunt in the care center for about six months now...maybe I should put her on my schedule for tomorrow and just go do it!

May 12, 2009

One Man's Trash...Another's Treasure

Sunday afternoon as I mowed and worked in the yard, I couldn't figure out why so many cars kept coming in and turning around in our culdasac. Luckily my neighbor, Shannon, clued me in that it was Clean Up Week....which might be better called Trade Your Trash Week! To save people the expense of going to the county landfill (and keeping people from letting junk pile up in their garage and yard), the city provides a pick up one week out of the year. You can put anything but appliances and yard waste on the curb and they'll pick it up and take it to the landfill for you....free of charge. HOWEVER, the city has some major competition....scavengers! Pick up in my part of the town started Tuesday morning at 8am; but by Sunday night people had already put out a lot of "goodies" and there were all sorts of people driving around and picking up new treasures to take home. I snapped this picture of my neighbor's pile this morning right before pick up...it's about half the size it was Sunday night! I decided last night to pull out my grape arbor and set it on the curb. Within 10 minutes, someone had stopped, pulled off the grape vines (that I left on because I figured the city would take them), strapped it to the roof of their mini-van, and they were off! Another neighbor put out three kid sized bikes...two were gone before he had time to walk in the house and take off his shoes!

While I've been amused for two days at the number of people inching along as they drive so they get a good look at the piles, it also brings to mind how one man's trash truly is another man's treasure.

April 20, 2009

Getting Crazy with Candy

Late one night last week, I ran in to pay for gas and grab a snack that would keep me occupied and awake on my drive home. As soon as I walked in the store I started to laugh because there it was...a Nutty Bar! I probably hadn't had one of those in ten years but I just love to pull them apart layer by layer, lick off the peanut butter and then eat the wafer. They are so bad for you...but oh so good and fun to eat!

As I drove down the road trying to enjoy each layer, I was glad that it was dark because I surely didn't want anyone seeing me enjoy my Nutty Bar so systematically (admit it, you look at people when you pass them and laugh at the funny things they are doing....singing their heart out, talking to themselves, picking their nose, putting on makeup...you know what I'm talking about).

And the Nutty Bar got me thinking about all the other foods that we eat with crazy patters. Take for instance the Ho-Ho. I don't think I've ever eaten a Ho-Ho without first peeling off that outer layer of chocolate trying so hard to get it all off in one piece. Or the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup; poking a hole through the middle, savoring that hunk of peanut butter then eating the outer chocolate ring. Or how about jelly filled rolls; I used to bite out a spot then use my finger to dip out all the jelly before eating the rest of the roll. One of my favorites has to be the Snickers. Haven't had one in quite awhile, but I love them cold or frozen so you can eat them by the layers; slip off the outer chocolate, then the creamy layer, which leaves you with the best part...caramel and peanuts!

When I think about it, it's not just snacks...I eat a lot of foods in crazy fashions. Maybe that's my method for slowing down so I don't eat so much!