April 20, 2009

Getting Crazy with Candy

Late one night last week, I ran in to pay for gas and grab a snack that would keep me occupied and awake on my drive home. As soon as I walked in the store I started to laugh because there it was...a Nutty Bar! I probably hadn't had one of those in ten years but I just love to pull them apart layer by layer, lick off the peanut butter and then eat the wafer. They are so bad for you...but oh so good and fun to eat!

As I drove down the road trying to enjoy each layer, I was glad that it was dark because I surely didn't want anyone seeing me enjoy my Nutty Bar so systematically (admit it, you look at people when you pass them and laugh at the funny things they are doing....singing their heart out, talking to themselves, picking their nose, putting on makeup...you know what I'm talking about).

And the Nutty Bar got me thinking about all the other foods that we eat with crazy patters. Take for instance the Ho-Ho. I don't think I've ever eaten a Ho-Ho without first peeling off that outer layer of chocolate trying so hard to get it all off in one piece. Or the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup; poking a hole through the middle, savoring that hunk of peanut butter then eating the outer chocolate ring. Or how about jelly filled rolls; I used to bite out a spot then use my finger to dip out all the jelly before eating the rest of the roll. One of my favorites has to be the Snickers. Haven't had one in quite awhile, but I love them cold or frozen so you can eat them by the layers; slip off the outer chocolate, then the creamy layer, which leaves you with the best part...caramel and peanuts!

When I think about it, it's not just snacks...I eat a lot of foods in crazy fashions. Maybe that's my method for slowing down so I don't eat so much!


Sue said...

Me thinks the Nutty Bar is not the only one who is "Nutty".

Anonymous said...

How about biting off the bottom of a ice cream drumstick and sucking out the ice cream and savoring the choc and nuts until last! Suzy

Anonymous said...

I quit eating HO-HO's when the quit wrapping them in common old tin foil....